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Company ProfileHem Evcil Animal Foods, was established in 2019 in the pet food industry.

Our company, which continues to grow with a rapid acceleration, carries out production with an annual capacity of 3000 tons in a total area of ​​2000 square meters, 1200 square meters of which is closed, in its facility located in Ankara Kazan, which is close to all of the important raw material sources. With the 2nd production line under construction, our capacity will double.

As a company that attaches importance to technology investments, our facilities have been designed according to the latest technology so that our products can be delivered to the end consumer in a way that is protected from environmental conditions, within the framework of quality standards.
Our company, which considers its primary goal to be an exemplary company in the European Union countries by reducing the dependence of our country on abroad in pet nutrition products and carrying its own national food brands to the world markets, is a very important business that will pave the way for other domestic companies and contribute to the speed of development in this direction.
Our facility is on the list of approved companies that meet the standards required for exporting to European Union countries.